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All AHY Members Agree To: 

Treat every member with respect, kindness, and inclusivity. No member shall be discriminated against based on any part of that member's identity.

Refrain from any verbal or physical behavior of a demeaning, harassing, or abusive nature. Any form of harassment will result in immediate cancellation of membership, with no refund to last monthly payment. 

Enter into all content with a spirit of openness and willingness to learn.

Maintain healthy boundaries with instructors and fellow members regarding any serious personal issues or histories (e.g., physical and mental health/illness). Should students require additional support regarding their physical or mental health needs, we recommend that you contact your family physician or appropriate health care provider.



All practices within AHY are heart- and humor-forward, encouraging a very personal autonomy over and connection to your body


Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra. Slow, less physical practices. The most nourishing classes we can imagine. For the times when your body, your mind, or your heart need support and rest.


We like to think of Chill classes as time for exploration. These yoga asana practices are a little different each time (sometimes restful sometimes spicy), with many options given.


Chill classes are great for beginners, long-time practitioners, and everyone in between.


Vinyasa-style yoga asana (salutation-based movements, aligned with breath). Some Flow classes are structured around a peak pose (focusing on the body parts and actions that are needed for a more complex or physically challenging pose) and some classes are music-forward flows with creative, dynamic transitions and sequencing. 

Some experience helpful, but these times we're in are weird,  and nobody can see you at home, so get jaunty if you wanna try it out!


The ultimate movement-as-medicine-mashup. Each class is a bodyweight workout - no equipment needed - with a varying combination of cardio, HIIT, dance, pilates, yoga, random moves we feel like making to be more at home in our bodies. Expect some sweat, some laughs, maybe even some tears or yelps of joy or anger or WHO KNOWS WHAT ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN HERE.


This is an ever-evolving collection of shorter practices. Examples include:

Pose Tutorials (brief breakdowns of some basic and not-so-basic yoga poses)

Mini Moves (single exercise moves demo'd, with a song recommendation to make it fun on your own).

Mini Workouts (slightly longer - usually 20 minute - quick and fiery. Themes like "cardio & core," "lower body blast," "arms and abs.")

Plank Party (a brief playtime with blocks, to build strength).

ET AL! ET CETERA! WHO KNOWS! Become a member and make any requests for things you'd like to see here!


Guided meditations (some video, some downloadable audio). 

Dharma Talks (mini lectures on yoga philosophy).