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This page holds testimonials from students and clients

Allison's classes are phenomenal, both in person and live. Her ability to stay authentic to herself and the global community while providing thoughtful, insightful, and quality movement and meditation is beyond words. Always so grateful when I get to move & share the "space" (live or virtual) with this lovely human being.

Allison is an amazing teacher on and off the screen. She is extremely versatile. Whether I am doing something chill or a more intense vinyasa flow, I come away feeling stronger mentally and physically.

Allison's online yoga classes have been so incredible. We work hard, we breathe, we laugh - all from home! She really makes it feel like we are all back together in person, and it is helping to keep me sane during these hard times of no gym/yoga studios. Super grateful for my daily yoga breaks, the best part is that Allison keeps her classes up on Facebook if you aren't able to make the live session!

Testimonials from students and clients.

Allison is funny, empathetic, and energetic in her style of teaching. When she guides you to do what’s right for your body in the moment, it’s genuine. She’s my favorite yoga teacher I’ve ever had!

Allison's classes are something I could count on in life pre-pandemic and something to look forward to now that the world feels a little out of sorts! They are always authentic and down-to-earth, with a great balance of mind and body. One of the best things is that they can get a little creative! If you are looking for a class with offerings beyond Sun Salutation As and Bs (though those are great, too!) - Allison's classes are an accessible, unique option.

I have been taking in person yoga classes with Allison for quite some time now/years at 6am (yep super hard to wake up sometimes) and it’s always always something to look forward to. I am thrilled we get to experience Allison virtually in these weird times and can not thank her enough! It’s hard to sum up what I love, but a large part of it is Allison herself, her spirit, her jokes, her getting left and right mixed up, her musings; all of it is joyful while getting yoga tips, quotes and thoughts on the way. Grateful for you!

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