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Five Favorite Books on Yoga (and related) Filosophy.

Oops. Philosophy. I just couldn't resist having everything start with an F. So sue me. Fue me.

Its been about 200 Jeremy Bearimies since this shelter-in-place began. I had quite a few unread books waiting to keep me company, but I've been having trouble focusing on...well...anything. The idea of committing to hundreds of pages on one narrative, something that typically brings me great joy, has proven nearly impossible. Rather than continuing to beat myself up about it, I've gone back to a few favorite yoga (and yoga-adjacent) texts, especially the ones that can be parsed and read sporadically while losing none of their potency.

Below is list of Five of my Favorites. Primarily yoga-based philosophy with a nice toe-dip into Buddhist thought. These are not beautiful, in-depth reviews, just a few sentences to give you an idea of why they're my faves. I hope you'll consider ordering the ones that speak to you from your own independent, local bookshop; if you don't have a fav