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Thanksgiving Day IGNITE - FREE CLASS!

Join me this Thursday (November 26, 2020), the day some folks in the U.S. celebrate as Thanksgiving, for a fiery, sweaty, celebratory, movement class.

IGNITE is what I like to call my "ultimate movement-as-medicine mashup." I pull from every type of movement I've ever studied - fitness, yoga, dance, martial arts, HIIT, even some physical therapy moves - to create an hour-long journey through your body and your Self.

Yoga is a process of self-inquiry. We learn about ourselves and we learn how we want to show up in the world. I've always wondered why those qualities tend to be missing from a lot of "fitness" and "workout" classes. So why not add them in?!? This practice will meet you where you are. If you're mostly looking to jump around and sweat - COOL! If you're feeling ready to hear the other parts of the practice (whether its my voice or your own speaking to you) - COOL!

We'll begin class with an Indigenous Peoples land acknowledgment. If you'd like to look up the lands you're practicing from, you can find an amazing map and search tool HERE VIA NATIVE LAND DIGITAL. Currently they cover all of North America, most of Australia and New Zealand, and increasing new areas constantly.

And then we'll move.

We move to the beat. We dig deep. We repeat. We strengthen. We breathe. We laugh or scream or ANYTHING THAT WE WANNA DO.

Above all - WE WILL CELEBRATE. We will give a big 'up yours' to diet culture that tells us we should be 'earning' meals or shedding any parts of our body for the holidays. The only thing we're shedding is expectations.

Celebrate BEING YOU. As you are. This day. This breath. This beat. This body.

Class is FREE - just SIGN UP HERE to receive an email with the livestream site link and password to access.

See you soon.



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