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Chicago Bulls Workout Sessions - Yoga at the United Center

OMG. Listen. This was a highlight of my life.

NBA + Yoga = DREAM.

Growing up in Michigan during the heydey of Detroit Pistons basketball, there was an era where I was pretty aggressively against the Chicago Bulls. Don't be mad! I was just a teenager! How could I have known?!?

I first moved to Chicago in 2001, so don't worry - I figured out what's what. I figured out the truest GOAT.

So imagine my THRILL AND EXCITEMENT when I was asked to lead a yoga class at The United Center, as part of the Bulls Workout Sessions, sponsored by the Bulls alongside Rush and Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. Extra bonus, working with one of the Chicago Bulls' own DJs, DJ Marquee. He brought the sweet jams, MJ brought the inspiration, I brought the yoga, and all of you brought your bodies and your smiles and your willingness to play.

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