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In Praise Of Water


Hi, friend.


Are you feeling Chaotic? Buoyant? Peaceful? Grounded? Head in the clouds? Stormy? Steamy? Thirsty? Refreshed? Courageous? Yearning?

I've been trying lately to find more specific, more acute, more creative words to describe my state at any given time. And to notice how quickly, how often, my state changes.

Its pretty easy (for me, at least) to fall into the belief of THE WORLD IS NUTS I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH THE NEWS I AM ANXIOUS ALL THE TIME WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN as my natural and never-changing state.


My guess is, throughout each day, all of us run through a broader and more dynamic gamut of emotional and physical states.

Let's consider our ever-shifting states as water.

Consider the way water exists on a spectrum of fluid to solid.

Consider the way water takes on the shape of a container ( a moment ) without losing its essential quality of water-ness ( self ).

Consider the way flowing water moves with trust, ever-forward.

Consider the joy of splashing, the grief of tears, the peace of floating.

Consider water as the wave and the sea. The single drop and the entire body.