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Yoga on the Rooftop at The Robey

Updated: May 28, 2020

Summer 2019. What. Is. Up.

A year ago I was lucky enough to share that I'd be leading outdoor classes at Gallagher Way, and this summer I'm lucky enough to share I'll be leading outdoor (rooftop) classes at The Robey Chicago. Classes will be held on the balcony of The Up Room, their stunning 13th floor rooftop bar and lounge. Every Saturday morning they'll clear the cocktail tables away to make room for us to practice while gazing out over amazing city skyline views.

When we were in the planning phases, they asked what type of class I'd like to teach. I knew I wanted to set it up as music-based, summer fun times, and I flippantly said, "What if its a flow style class, and we name it something like Sweet Jams Saturdays but, ya know, a cooler title than that." WELP. THAT IS OFFICIALLY THE TITLE.

Sweet Jams Saturdays. Every week. Register HERE VIA EVENTBRITE.

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